Staying Safe on LoopIt

We're committed to keeping you safe, find out how we're doing that here. 

Our approach

Freedom to express yourself is a universal human right. We believe that every voice should be heard. This includes voices that are sometimes controversial that the majority of people may not agree with. Their voice is just as important, as yours, even if you don't like what they say. At LoopIt, we try to promote this freedom whilst keeping you safe.

Sometimes, words people say can be hurtful, but that doesn't always mean they don't have a place. If someone is saying something you don't like and no longer want to see, we would recommend either blocking that user or unlooping that Sphere. Sometimes words can cross the line from 'online talk' to physically threatening behaviour or words which implicitly encourage violence towards an individual or wider group of people. When this happens, we'll act swiftly.

Our principles
  • LOOPIT and freedom of expression go hand in hand. 

  • YOUR voice matters, even if people don't like it.

  • IF you're in the majority or the minority, we'll treat you the same.

  • IF you follow these guidelines, we will support you on LoopIt.